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Department of Information Management

Taipei City University of Science and Technology


The predecessor of this department, the Information Management Department, was established in the Republic of China in 1993. It was initially set up as a five-year college. It started a two-year college from the 87th school year and a four-year college from the 91st school year. At present, there are four skills in the day department; two, four, and two skills in the training department; two schools, two skills, and two on-the-job classes in the training school. Our school established a master class of "E-Commerce Research Institute" in the academic year of 1996, which can better access the graduates of this department. In the information age, information has become an important resource for business management and operation development. The information system is an important weapon for the organization to survive and develop in the era of fierce competition. How to effectively plan the construction and operation management is an important topic to really bring the effectiveness of the information system into the organization. theme.
Based on the good foundation established by successive directors, the department has begun to carry out curriculum planning in the past two years to cultivate practical expertise such as "e-commerce technology and management", "network stack media technology", "information system technology and management", etc. Technical and management talents are the teaching goals, and the main development direction is to combine industrial practice. After continuous efforts, and the support, participation and investment of colleagues and teachers and students in the department, the department is engaged in the industry science and industry-academia cooperation plan, handles industrial practice lectures and visits, and employs industry-government-study experience. Faculty, obtaining national and professional certifications, participating in student contests, receiving awards, conducting promotional education, opening academic seminars, aligning project management societies, implementing departmental administration, introducing professional software, adding special laboratories, and expanding teachers Significant progress has been made in the research laboratory and even the launch of the Asset Management Week.

The progress of information technology and management concepts is very fast, and the society is constantly changing. We need to intensify our efforts and change in a timely manner to keep up with the trend of the times. This department encourages all teachers and students to unite and cooperate and make continuous efforts. Towards the goal of "practical and practical asset management system".